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he first thing the users would notice when they pick up a Pixel 5 is how small it is. In a world where huge phones dominate the market, the Google Pixel 5’s palm-friendly size phone is a total breath of fresh air. Its smooth, curved edges and flat display panel make it a joy to hold and use.
Google pixel 5
Google Pixel 5,Now in India

Google Pixel 5 represents the first time Google completely abandoned the pretense of its primary line of Pixels being premium flagships. Regardless, it still received positive reviews at launch and appears to be more popular than its predecessor.

It has been tough for the Google Pixel fans. Over the years, they have tried to live with the many prevalent flaws of Pixel smartphones by leaning on the line’s few unabashed successes. Those successes usually revolved around the software and the camera. That is also true here, the software is second to none in the world of Android and the camera, despite some issues, is still a fantastic point-and-shooter thanks to Google’s computational smarts. Instead of focusing on those oft-lauded aspects here, let us talk about three things that the Pixel 5 does well that some folks might overlook.

Google has had some true face-palm moments with the design of the phone. The “bathtub” notch of the Google Pixel 3 XL was extremely terrible. Going all-in on face unlock with the Pixel 4’s Soli radar system was also a little questionable, the much-hyped hands-free gestures that were promised turned out to be useless. Even when Google has done a good job with the design, it’s usually because of playing it safe, as it was seen with the original Pixel and Pixel 2 series of the smartphone.

Many of the design aspects of the Google Pixel 5 are good. It even makes room for some true innovation.

The first thing the users would notice when they pick up a Pixel 5 is how small it is. In a world where huge phones dominate the market, the Google Pixel 5’s palm-friendly size phone is a total breath of fresh air. Its smooth, curved edges and flat display panel make it a joy to hold and use.

The metal back of the Google Pixel 5 phone features a speckled paint job that feels terrific. Its grippy texture reminds us a bit of the sandstone backing of the OnePlus One. It’s not as sandpaper-like as that finish, but it’s similar. What’s truly incredible is that Google figured out a way to have this metal backing and still provide wireless charging along with it. In a world full of glass sandwiches, the Pixel 5 is the only one that offers something different without sacrificing an integral flagship feature.

Even the Sage colorway has a unique flavor to it. the users could go with the classic Just Black color if they want, but the Sage color is a much better choice.

Now, the design of this phone is not perfect. Still, the design successes of this phone are helping us forget about some of the company’s past design blunders.

Battery life has been the thorn in Google’s side ever since the very first Pixel phone. However, the kicker is that Google put that thorn into its own side by refusing to understand that bigger batteries get better battery life. It seems so simple, but Google’s attitude that “software solves all problems” held it back from coming to grips with reality.

Thankfully, Google Pixel 5 comes with great battery life. The phone easily powered through the entire day with plenty of extra juice going into the next. Sure, it is unlikely that the phone would ever be able to get two full days, but it is still miles ahead of the dismal battery performance of the Google Pixel 4 series.

This phone is small in size and it has a 4,080 mAh battery capacity. That’s a larger capacity than the Galaxy S21 phone, which is physically larger. With a decent-sized battery combined with Google’s work expanding battery life through software trickery, it’s no wonder that the Google Pixel 5 trounces the dismal performance we saw from previous Pixel phones.

Although Google definitely stumbled a bit with the Pixel 2 phone, its displays are usually some of the best in any given year. As one would expect, that is the case when it comes to the Pixel 5.

Although Pixel displays are almost always good, the Google Pixel 5 is the best ever in the lineup. It comes with a 1080p OLED panel with HDR10+ support. It also has a refresh rate higher than the usual 60Hz. The Google-branded smooth display comes in at 90Hz, which was first seen on the Pixel 4 lineup. Now, that’s not as high as we have seen on a lot of other phones these days — most 2021 flagships are coming with 120Hz refresh rates. However, 90Hz is still better than 60Hz and the Pixel 5 display doesn’t disappoint.

Google Pixel 5 is not a premium flagship smartphone. At least, not in a traditional sense. Therefore, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to Galaxy S21 Ultra or Asus ROG Phone 5. Instead, we need to compare it to other devices in the price bracket of Google’s 2020 smartphone. When you do that, you come away with a few deficiencies.

One of the most glaring design issues with the phone is the size of the selfie camera display cutout. Most premium phones with cutouts have a sliver of black casing going around the lens. This makes the cutout as small as possible. The Google Pixel 5, though, has a very thick casing around its already-large selfie lens. This problem gets exacerbated by the overall smallness of the display.

The first camera deficiency is the sensor itself. Aside from some minor upgrades, the camera sensor used in the Google Pixel 5 is the same as the one Google has been using since the Pixel 3 series. Now, six months later, things have not gotten any better.

The next issue with the Pixel 5’s camera, which is its versatility. While the Pixel 5 has a standard lens paired with a wide-angle shooter, it lacks a telephoto lens. This pretty much negates being able to get high-quality zoom images. Additionally, that wide-angle lens has a mediocre field-of-view of just 107 degrees. By comparison, the wide-angle on the Galaxy S21 has a 120-degree FoV. 

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